Toucan Features



  • Enter your twitter or Hootsuite ID.
  • Use as a full twitter client. View your twitter home page, replies/mentions, post updates, send replies and direct messages, follow a user.
  • Find other twitter users in your company and follow, send messages, and view their tweets.
  • Add twitter IDs to your Hot List, a list of twitter IDs that you want to make sure to not miss.
  • Add twitter IDs to your Quiet List, temporarily abbreviate the volume of tweets in your timeline.


  • Run a Tweet Campaign. Drive traffic to your web page and track the number of click-throughs.
  • View detailed statistics on people that click-through from your twitter post including geographical location and time of day.
  • Generate ROI for Social Networking through custom web-to-lead forms that link leads with one of your twitter posts/updates.

Sales and Lead Generation

  • Link twitter IDs with Contacts and Leads.
  • View and respond to twitter posts directly from the Contact or Lead page in Salesforce CRM.
  • Save a twitter update as an activity on the Contact or Lead record.
  • Search twitter for key words, names, products, or competitors and create leads or accounts.
  • Automatically create a Lead, Contact, or Account from a tweet.

Customer Support

  • Create a customer support case from a twitter posting, perhaps based on a comment from one of your contacts or from the results of your searching the twittersphere for problems with your products.
  • Show the latest tweets from the case user directly on the Case page in Salesforce CRM.
  • Respond to a support case via twitter.